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Diamond Skill VI a Certified Winner!

A long awaited announcement just came out of Banilla Games of Greenville, North Carolina. As of the printing of this edition, Banilla has released “Diamond Skill VI” for the Georgia COAM market.


As most Banilla Times readers are aware, Skill Games for Georgia must be certified to be SAS  6.02 compliant before they can be sold or operated in Georgia. On Friday, June 5th, Gaming Labs International, or “GLI” Certified to the Georgia Lottery Corporation that the sixth edition of the Diamond Skill line of boards is SAS compliant and interoperable with the COAM Central Accounting System!


According to Tim Smith, Vice-President of Banilla, Diamond Skill VI is a big step forward in the Skill Game market. Diamond Skill VI includes the following game themes: “St. Patty’s Payday,” “Lightning Strike,” and “Double Shot.”

The “Double Shot” and “Lightning Strike” game themes are themes that are supplied by Grover Gaming Inc., Banilla’s sister company, for use in some other regulated markets and have been extremely popular with the players in those markets. “We have every reason to believe that the “Nudge” type versions of those games will be a big hit in the Georgia COAM market,” said Smith.


“St. Patty’s Payday” is a brand new, leprechaun themed, 25-liner, “Hot Swap” type skill game made just for Georgia. You can bet by next St. Patrick’s Day, every location in Savannah will have at least one “St. Patty’s Payday” on the new “Diamond Skill VI”!


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