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Banilla Games Receives Prestigious Cutting Edge Award

Banilla Games, headquartered in Greenville, NC, has been honored with the Cutting Edge Award at the Southern Amusement & Entertainment Expo for our groundbreaking contribution to the electronic skill game/redemption industry – the Ticket In, Card Out (TICO) system. Our continued dedication to customer service, having an incredibly talented group of employees, and listening to the desires of consumers have helped us innovate and develop the TICO system. The award recognizes our pioneering efforts in revolutionizing the electronic skill game landscape.


Introducing TICO (Ticket-In-Card-Out)

The concept of Ticket In, Ticket Out (TITO) systems is well-established, but we have taken a bold step forward by introducing the TICO system, which enables players to redeem tickets using a prepaid gift card. The most exciting element to the system though, is that the player can also use their prepaid gift card in the kiosk to receive a TITO ticket. The ticket can then be inserted into a skill game and used to play the game.


Rethink Redemption

This innovative approach not only redefines players’ interactions with skill game terminals but also presents an unprecedented opportunity to foster lottery participation without cash. Using gift cards to redeem tickets and participate in future gaming sessions avoids the need to redeem with store merchandise or lottery tickets. By listening to players’ wishes to improve the gaming experience as a whole, we are providing enhanced value and flexibility through the TICO system. With the combined effort of a team made up of artists, developers, technicians, support specialists, and more, we are delivering this exciting evolution to the skill game/redemption industry.
“We are thrilled to receive the Cutting Edge Award for our TICO system and its integration with gift card redemption,” said Garrett Blackwelder, CEO at Banilla Games. “This innovation not only aligns with our commitment to enhancing player experiences it will also open new avenues for lottery engagement.”

TICO and RMS: A Comprehensive Solution

A key complement to the TICO system is the Route Management System (RMS), a versatile platform that enables player tracking and loyalty bonuses – benefiting both operations and players. By using the RMS as a comprehensive solution for a more immersive gaming experience, now expanded with TICO, we are providing a holistic and engaging environment for the industry and players.


Banilla Games: Passionate Problem-Solvers

Our strides in the industry garnered well-deserved recognition at the Southern Amusement & Entertainment Expo, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in innovation, route management, and player-centric solutions. None of this would have been possible without our outstanding employees, passion for delivering exceptional customer service, and desire to provide consistent innovation for our operators.

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