Skyriser Lightning Frenzy

“SKYRISER” by Banilla Games is the industry’s largest leap toward bringing a full Vegas-style gaming experience to the COAM market. Towering at 7 ½ feet tall, SKYRISER features a 43” 1080P high-resolution monitor, sitting atop a 24” 1080p Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) gameplay monitor.


These two free-floating monitors and SKYRISER’s impressive stature demand customer attention, without increasing the footprint of a standard size cabinet. SKYRISER’s innovative design allows the top monitor to easily drop for transportation and relocation through any doorway. At the heart of SKYRISER is a brand new, fully updated board utilizing a custom GTX-1650 graphics card that creates a visually superior gaming display. Its premium audio system is anchored by an internal subwoofer that delivers an impactful experience like no other in our industry.


The SKYRISER device by Banilla Games features SEVEN unique game themes (Pinata Party, Buffalo of the Great White Tundra, Gopher Gold, The Forbidden Temple, Lucky Lobsters, Jin Chan Money Stacks, and Lightning Frenzy) that each take full advantage of Banilla’s advanced technology and award-winning design.


Lightning Frenzy, the all-new addition for Banilla’s SKYRISER series, is AVAILABLE NOW! Look to the heavens and claim the power of the ultimate Greek god, and prepare yourself for an electrifying experience. With all this power on your side in this exclusive SKYRISER title, take control of your fate by lowering or raising lightning storm icons to attempt to activate the Lightning Frenzy gameplay mechanic and win riches worthy of a god!


Each title supports fully interactive multi-screen features and an updated board-wide Progressive Wheel Bonus.


Offered exclusively by Banilla Games, the design, graphics, development, and assembly of SKYRISER is 100% ‘Made in the USA’ by a team of over 190 passionate and dedicated employees. We believe SKYRISER will not only raise the bar throughout the Georgia gaming market, but prove once and for all, that BIGGER really is BETTER.

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