While the concept of a TITO system is well-established in the skill game industry, Banilla Games has taken a bold step forward by introducing the TICO* system, which enables players to redeem vouchers to obtain a prepaid gift card instead of store merchandise.


When a player is ready to redeem their winnings, they can take the voucher from the cabinet and walk over to the TICO kiosk.


From there, the player can put in their game voucher and receive a prepaid gift card. Hence the name: Ticket In Card Out.


Players can redeem winnings without having to speak to any person allowing for anonymity and increasing security.


What’s great about the card is players aren’t just limited to using it in one place. They can take the card and spend it on products such as gas and food, or play more games at your location by inserting the card into a TICO kiosk and redeeming a game voucher to play one of your electronic skill games. An exciting element to TICO is the freedom of choice and versatility this innovative system provides for both location operators and players themselves.


TICO uses our Route Management System (RMS) which allows more possibilities for your location, such as being able to track how much a player interacts with a game and how much money has been spent on players’ game sessions.


TICO offers operators and players more choices with their gaming experience than ever before.


Players can feel secure using TICO. Operators benefit from creating a better customer experience and building a relationship which can elevate the playing experience and can potentially increase the amount of money being generated


*TICO is currently available in limited markets. Please contact us to learn more.



Additional Details

TICO: Restricted items include but are not limited to: firearms, tobacco, alcohol. Using this system will eliminate the need for an attendant to redeem players winnings, while simultaneously improving the players experience by allowing them to receive funds that are able to be used at any non restricted locations. TICO kiosks will also have Card-to-Ticket capability.

TICO is currently available for customers in the Georgia market. Please contact us to learn more about TICO and our other innovative products.

For additional information or to learn more about this item, contact a member of our sales team.

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