<p>Fight the Fire Bonus</p>

Sparky’s Firehouse


Sparky's Firehouse

A 3×3 nudge game, featuring exciting bonuses, wilds, and a multiplier wheel.


Multiplier Wheel (4th Wheel)

A 4th reel will be permanently active throughout the entire main gameplay. This wheel will only contain multipliers. Every turn will spin with the reels and stop after the other 3 have already stopped, and any multiplier in line with the pay line arrow is active for that turn. It is possible for this reel to land in between multipliers (i.e. a blank spot). 


If the reel catches fire for the spontaneous combustion feature when the fire is put out, all of the multipliers will be altered to be the maximum multiplier (all switch to 5x)


Wild Reel – Spontaneous Combustion (5x multiplier)

As the reels spin there is a random chance that any of them will catch fire (including the multiplier reel) Once the fire has begun a firefighter will come out and put out that fire. If the fire was on one of the three normal reels (with the icons) then once the fire is out it will reveal all wilds on that single reel.  


If the Multiplier reel is affected, all multipliers will change to the maximum multiplier (5x) for that turn only.


Advancing Pick Bonus Game (Emergency Response Bonus, City Rescue Bonus, Fight the Flames Bonus, The Heat is On Bonus, Five-Story Fire Bonus, Money Rescue, 3-Alarm Bonus, Up in Flames Bonus)


Once the player nudges 3 bonus symbols onto the payline, the bonus game begins. The screen will transition to a scene with stacked safes that are on fire and the player is prompted to pick one of the bottom two. Once a pick has been made, the player is awarded the contents of the chosen safe (after the firefighter character extinguishes the flames) and the unpicked one will reveal what it contains. Then the player can choose one of the three on the above tier of safes. This will continue as long as there is a new tier to pick from and the player has not revealed a “collect” object from their chosen safe. Each tier other than the bottom (first) has at least 1 “collect” possibility. If a “collect” is revealed from a chosen safe then the bonus concludes and all unpicked safes will reveal their contents.

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