Ticket to Ride

Balloon Pop

After winning on a win line, there is a chance that a Balloon Pop event will occur. Immediately upon winning, the screen will begin filling up with balloons streaming upwards and the player will be prompted to pick balloons and pop them. Each popped balloon awards money. The player can continue to pop balloons until a pop symbol is revealed. Once the pop symbol is revealed, the remaining balloons should deflate and exit the screen in a manner different than when they are picked. 


A quick fun game to add to winnings and excitement!


Wild Reels

At the top of the screen, three coaster tracks are visible that line up with the reels. Occasionally, at the end of a turn, a coaster can show up and be visible on one of the tracks above. Randomly on play, one of the visible coasters has a chance to ride down the reel and make the reel wild.


Enjoy an 85% win chance!


Bonus Icons

Three different Bonus Icons can land with three different bonuses:

  • Free Games
  • Water Gun Bonus 
  • Mega Wheel Bonus


Free Games

Upon receiving the free games from the bonus symbol selector, the screen will transition to free games mode, which includes all non-visible coasters locking into place. Every free game will include at least one coaster triggering a wild reel, occasionally two will trigger. When using two coasters, they should be staggered a bit and not ride down together. At the beginning of each play, all coasters should be primed and ready at the top. During free games, the balloon pop mini-game can still occur.


Water Gun Bonus

Upon receiving the Water Gun Bonus from the bonus symbol selector, the game will transition to a scene displaying three Water Guns and the player will be prompted to choose one. Upon choosing, all three will begin shooting water at their target which fills the water level of their connected meter. A 30-second timer will begin and as the water levels rise, money tallies up for each gun. At the end of the 30 seconds, the guns cut off and the player is awarded the value they achieved.


Mega Wheel Bonus

Upon receiving the Mega Wheel Bonus from the bonus symbol selector, the game will transition to a scene displaying a giant wheel. The player then gets a single spin of the wheel to reveal their winnings.

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